Bitcoin Heave® is Cloud Arbitrage

We work to identify and understand expectations with respect to our sustainability performance in a proactive and systematic way, in addition to integrate them in our internal decision-making processes.

We structure our relationship with our users at three levels: corporate level, country level, and operating center level. At each one of these levels, our relationship requires specific mechanisms adapted to our context in order to adequately identify their needs and expectations in terms of our ethical, social, and environmental performance.

Expectation Identification Surveys allow us to learn about highly relevant internal and external matters. They are used to take actions that improve our risk management and report on the company's performance in the identified aspects.

We complete this systematic processes through the different communication channels that the business units have established with our funders, dedicated channels on the company's website, the launch of surveys, and the organization of sessions to exchange good practices or disseminate matters of interest, in addition to sending out newsletters, etc.

Once the expectations of each user have been assessed, we analyze the results and take them into account in our decision-making & improvement process.

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The New Way to Trading Exchange Arbitrage Execute Trader Arbitrage Automatically

Armed with this 'Intellectual Property' we have setup Bitcoin Heave®, providing an 'AATS Platform' which will compliment all users and traders.


Price diferrence between exchanges increase

Reduce Volatility

Arbitrage makes the crypto markets as a whole more stable

Execute Trader Automatically

Realize profits without any risk of space speculation

Distribute Profits

Trader Bitcoin earn their share of the profits daily

Grow Network

New user join Bitcoin Heave® and the demand for Bitcoin increase

Raise Liquidity

More capital allows us to realize even more profitable trader

Invest in Bitcoin Heave® Arbitrage Trading Pool

Execute Trader Automatically

Strategic Plan

Based on Long-Term Objectives Sustainability an essential part of our forward-looking vision
and the shared commitment undertaken by every one of us at Bitcoin Heave®.

Strategic Plan: Value and Resilience

Following the successful completion of our 'Ai Arbitage System' sychronized with our Intellectual Property Interface, we are ready to exploit and strategize makets in the South East Asian regions. To sustain and set a long-term objective to this new markets we will build-up the confidence by educating clients the importance of high tech essential tools such as 'Ai Arbitrage System' to further enrich thier economy. ​

To meet the value-creation objectives of our Strategic Plan, Bitcoin Heave® will expand its marketing team, and at the same time intensify and increase our R&D.

We work daily to confront the technology challenges of today and the future. We are committed to the never ending R&D and applying innovative technologies for all of our projects. At Bitcoin Heave® we believe in innovation as the key to building a more efficient and sustainable model. The Bitcoin Heave® Technology Center is where we develop the innovative ideas that will change our future.

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    3X9M+7H, Alberta, Canada

  • Phone : (+1) 587-2059-200

  • Email : [email protected]

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