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By combining the decentralized computing power of our network, we are able to find the most profitable trades on different exchanges and execute them automatically for our bitcoin-heave pool members.

These profits are paid out daily and are secured as U.S. Dollars. Log in to the dashboard and watch the trades being executed live.

These profits are paid out daily to all Bitcoin Heave® Arbitrage pool members and are secured as U.S. Dollars to guarantee stable profits. You can log on to the dashboard and watch the live trades while they’re being executed.

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Why are there Different Kind of Pools ?

The same currency pair on two exchanges with different prices presents an
opportunity for profitable Bitcoin Heave® arbitrage trades.


The larger your investment is, the shorter the period that the capital is tied up for. Arbitrage trading becomes more profitable with quantity. Slippage, administration- as well as trading- and withdrawal-fees eat away at your profits. That’s one of the reasons why there are different types of arbitrage trading pools. Which pool you can join depends on the size of your investment.

Another reason for the different pools is that not everyone can benefit from every arbitrage opportunity, otherwise our members would compete against each other and diminish their profits. That’s why each individual pool of any type executes its own arbitrage trades

Why we Secure Your Profits with USD Dollars ?

Titable trades are executed automatically for safe profits.


The prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are very volatile, while USD is relatively stable. We never can be sure about the prices of coins in the future. Yes, they could be 100% up in a year, but it’s also true that they could be 50% down or oven more.

People who have been following cryptocurrencies for a longer time know that the markets can enter a bearish trend. Red numbers on portfolios cause most investors to get nervous. Some lose faith and become a “weak hand”, meaning that they sell at a loss.

Even when the whole market follows a downward trend, arbitrage is still an attractive form of trading. With Bitcoin Heave® Arbitrage, you have a way to let your capital work for you to create a passive income, and you do not have to speculate on the price of any coin going up.

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